Things you should know

For the safety of everyone involved, Jumpity Jump reserves the right to cancel your reservation with justified weather related reasoning at anytime. Although, we often leave the decision to the customer, Jumpity Jump has extensive knowledge on weather conditions and how they affect the moonwalks. If a customer wishes to cancel for any reason, whether it be because of illness, weather etc, they will have the option to utilize their deposit toward a rental on another date or subject to no refund.

Rain - If the rain is a light shower Jumpity Jump will let you make the call. If it is a downpour or thunder storming outside we will call you and suggest using a rain check.

Wind - Wind is a major safety factor when renting an inflatable. When wind gusts exceed 20mph Jumpity Jump will suggest that the rental be moved to another date for the safety of the users.

Temperature - Temperatures in the fall can sometimes take a dip. In this scenario Jumpity Jump reserves the right to not set up when the temperatures drop below 40 degrees. The material the inflatables are made out of can become very stiff and difficult to roll up which can cause an issue during transportation and storage of the inflatable.

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